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His chest, lifting my feet from the floor. He carried me outside the room, where I couldn't see Robert's impaled body, and put my feet back on the ground. He took my face in his hands. Did I hurt you? His eyes anxiously scanned my face. I shook my head through the sobs racking my body. He pressed his lips on mine and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around him, clinging to him. He was alive. I was in his arms again. I love you, I whispered through the tears and his lips. You shouldn't have come here. Not with you... He put a little distance between us and glanced at my stomach, and I frowned. What's wrong with me? What did you feel inside me? The Akaii found something inside me. Panic sored inside me again. Something was wrong with me. That's why I was feeling sick. Why I was tired all the time. You don't know? A smile tucked at his lips. Know what? Chai looked smug and I swore more than a little impressed with himself. Tell me. I felt it when the Akaii was inside you. His voice faltered and guilt flashed across his hack face. If I didn't feel it...I would've killed you. He controlled me, but then...I couldn't believe it. Please tell me what you felt. You are pregnant, little one. My heart sped up. The world was spinning. It was impossible. I couldn't be pregnant. I can't be. I can't get pregnant. It's... He lowered his hand and rested it protectively on my stomach. It's a miracle. The most wonderful thing that could ever happen to us, interrupted Chai. I had a life inside of me. We had created a life...a little person. Chai tilted my head towards him. Don't clash of clans hack tell me I have to give you a lesson in how babies are made. I blushed and rolled my eyes at him. I already had that lesson. He gave me a soft tender kiss. Let's get out of here. I don't want you yahoo in this place a second longer. He grabbed my hand and we ran for the door. We stopped outside and my jaw dropped. The square was enveloped in shadow. Something was blocking out the sun. The whole city was covered in darkness. I looked up. Humungous space ships hovered above the city. The Galactic Alliance had arrived. Quite a sight, Gaios said and slapped Chai on the shoulder. No more words were necessary between them. Arianna grabbed Chai in a fierce hug and the smile she gave me was luminous. Erich grabbed my hand and squeezed it. They clash of clans hack were bloodied and dusty, but all of us were okay. CHAI PULLED ME CLOSER to him, his hand resting protectively over my swollen stomach. The baby kicked in response. He already had his dad's strength. Sylvain said it wasn't long now before I'll get to meet my son. The pregnancy was a lot shorter than the usual nine clash of clans hack months, but normal for Epsilon, Sylvain attributed clash of clans hack clash of clans hack it to the Epsilon DNA. She insisted accompanying me on this trip. I knew it wasn't only me she wanted to keep an eye on but also Bill. I glanced at their entwined hands. I was happy they were together. They suited each other perfectly. The baby gave me another kick. He was our miracle. He would be Epsilon, but a part of him was also human. Sylvain said that a cure for sterility was inside me. She was already busy on studying and isolating the hack gene inside me that could reverse sterility. There was hope that